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Helping Cancer Patients Cope Better

Your eyelash, eyebrow, armpit and other body hair may fall out during your chemotherapy sessions. We cannot save you from the tragedy of hair loss; however, we offer permanent eyebrow tattooing that will help you achieve au naturel brows. Talk to the artists of Paradise Permanent Makeup and Scar Cover Up in Las Vegas, NV today so we can provide customized options that meet your needs.

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Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

Our free 3D permanent eyebrow tattooing is done by seasoned artists who are passionate about helping cancer patients and survivors cope better with chemotherapy sessions or other treatments. We use high quality ink and strictly observe cosmetic guidelines in all our procedures. Please visit our establishment so we can talk about the best eyebrow shape and shade that will suit your face.

Get Your Free Eyebrow Tattoo

We want to be a little light in our community, giving hope to individuals battling cancer. Feel free to contact the staff of Paradise Permanent Makeup and Scar Cover Up at (702) 247-8551 to learn more about our advocacy. Our permanent eyebrow makeup courtesy of Paradise Permanent Makeup is free if you are about to start chemotherapy within the next two weeks, are currently in the process of the treatment, or it has been less than three months since stopping your chemotherapy. Book an appointment so we can talk about the eyebrow tattoo options that we offer.

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